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International Business Consultancy Services

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Addenda Consultancy Services

1. International Business Arena

  • Entry Strategy for: Brazil/LATAM, China/Asia, Iberia/Europe
  • Localization of International Partners in: Brazil/LATAM, China/Asia, Iberia/Europe
  • Coaching for International Activities: support to General Managers and Funtional Managers (Administration, Finance, Commercial Areas) for the review of their international Strategy and Action Plans
  • Structuring of international operations and business opportunities

2. Services under Management Contract

  • Management of business and patrimonial interests in Brazil/LatAm, China/Asia, Iberia/Europe, acting as:
    • The General Management Department within a specific country
    • The International Department of a company
    • As Independent Counsellors
  • Management or Support to Management for Risk Capital companies, regarding their investments in other firms (as to help them achieve the expected Return On Investment)
  • Management or Support to Management for Business Associations/Non Profit Organizations (Chambers of Commerce, Sectorial Associations etc.)

3. International Buying/Selling Transactions

  • Partners´ locallization, qualification and supervision related to international Buying/Selling activities of products, services and supplies from providers/buyers located in: Brazil/LatAm, China/Asia, Iberia/Europe